Recently Read, September 5 – 23

An Open Letter to Graphic Design Students: Don’t Follow the Web, Follow Your Heart on imprint, September 19, 2011.
Timothy Goodman encourages students to follow their personal design calling, rather than submit to the pressure of the next big thing. I focus my work on the dinosaur that is print. Sometimes I feel like I’m not “with it,” because I don’t feel comfortable with web design. This piece makes me feel a little better about that.

Novelist who left banking because of sexism fires publisher for putting ‘fluffy and degrading’ covers on her books on MailOnline, September 15, 2011.
An author drops her publisher over the treatment of her novels’ book covers.

Battle of the Bookworms: Traditional Book Readers vs. E-Reader Users on GOOD. September 8, 2011.
An interesting infographic comparing the two types of readers. 

Heart of the City on …By Henry Sene Yee Design. September 8, 2011
It’s great to see all the comps that went into this design. I think any of the photograph/heart designs would have worked well.

Books on Typography on
The Type Directos Club has a handy list of books on typography.

The Norton Book Design Archive on flickr.
Norton has been posting this year’s cover designs. A great reference for book designers.  

Fall 2011 Paperbacks, on Picador’s Facebook page.
Picador posted it’s approved covers for the fall 2011 season.

One thought on “Recently Read, September 5 – 23

  1. Nice Goodman piece for sure. I’ve always thought that people advocating designers to rush into the next wave of the future bullshit have little experience with design and what it means to someone on a very personal level. Not all designers want to rule the world and plaster the world with some message. We enjoy playing. Sorry if that’s not good enough for all you web-geekoids out there. Play, ever heard of it? It’s what kids do. The contribution? Laughter, good vibes.I made it on the norton book design archive!—Peace

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