Recently Read, October 20

Are Books As Sexy Without Their Covers?
September 20, 2011
The age-old discussion of the book cover’s effect on book sales, this time with the new possibility of eBooks with absolutely no cover design. Some teens were polled, and they said cover design had no influence on their book purchases. They might say that, but I would counter that design affects buying behavior in a subtle almost subconscious way.

50 Books / 50 Covers on
2010’s 50/50 bokk cover design winners are up.

Peter Mendelsund Talks With Chip Kidd on From the Desk Of,
September 26, 2011
Book designer chit-chat among photos of Kidd’s crowded desk.

The Pioneers of Digital Publishing | The Future of the book by ustwo
A London “digital design studio” muses on the future of eBook design. A couple of these guys say book sales are not an issue on their work. Huh? I’m guessing the studio is living off of bank loans and investors and doesn’t have the publisher’s worry of producing a product that actually sells.

Why Some E-Books Cost More Than the Hardcover on
Nathan Bransford’s Blog, March 10, 2011
I read this article back in the spring and recently re-found it. It’s a good explanation of why eBooks do not cost nothing to produce.

Inspector Stamp  on Mikey Burton’s site.
This key chain rubber stamp designed by illustrator Burton can instantly turn anything into a business card. Awesome idea.

Will the E-Book Kill the Footnote? on The New York Times,
October 7, 2011
I’m a big reader of scholarly history books full of footnotes, so this was especially interesting for me.

A blog collects scans of comic book cover title treatments.

Book Designer Spotlight: Abbate Design on,
October 12, 2011
An interview with book designer  Judith Abbate.

The Innovator’s Cookbook on The Casual Optimist, Ocotber 18, 2011
A behind the scenes video on Helen Yentus’ brilliantly conceived and executed cover of The Innovator’s Cookbook.

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